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Going Pirate

Going Pirate is another story from the Baile. The first was ...A Boy Will Do. All the notes for that story apply to this one. Lugh doesn't call Kouji (Ling) by name because it's so foreign that he isn't comfortable saying it. He likes nicknames anyway. After I finished writing I looked over my notes from the last story, which said that Jamie was sixteen, but he is seventeen. Maybe he had his birthday in the last two weeks.

I'm horrible at story titles. I was thinking My Pirate Lover, or something, but it was so Harlequiny that it made me blush just saying it aloud, so I went with this. The story itself was hard to write. I’d write two thousand words and then have to delete the last six hundred of them. I did that three times.

Although this story is supposed to be historical (which it is), it doesn't actually mention much because I just plopped it in the setting set up in the last story. I do mention Cromwell's attack on Drogheda and the slaughter of innocents. Plus I worked really hard fixing the attack scene after I found out that bows don't work in hot humid climates. I gave my pirates arquebus and blunderbuss, which are guns from the right era. I wanted them to have bows because a gun took forever to fire in those days and they weren't very accurate, but oh well. I couldn't even give them rifles (which are more accurate) because they were so rare in 1660 that even if Finn and his crew had gotten a hold of one, Jamie wouldn't know what it was.


Jamie’s grandfather was originally going to be a farm boy, who woke at dawn to study, but British people in the 1600s weren’t upwardly mobile and I wanted Jamie to be from money. Who else could have afforded school for their second son?

I feel Jamie's choice of hair ribbons very telling. A simple leather thong or dark ribbon would have hidden in his curls. He wanted something that showed. Red, at the time, was a very masculine color. It was the color of Mars (the god) and vitality, courage, and passion, if we take passion to mean strong feelings like romance used to mean adventure.

Thanks to [info]theotherdibbler and lusse_kun  for betaing.

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