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This story is named for Galatea the statue Pygmalion made and Venus brought to life.

I don't like robot boy stories, but when it comes to stretching my mind (and boundaries) I'm always game, and where better than bang*bang to do it?

When I first started this story I thought of it as a twisted Pinocchio. A man builds a boy that turns out to be more than he ever imagined, but then it occurred to me that Pinocchio and My Fair Lady, were both based on a far older story. I thought of several titles as I wrote but decided to go with a masculine version of the statue's name. I don't know if I masculinized it properly, but it feel right to me.

Will and John were the two most popular names of the late eighteen hundreds. And Joseph is named for the guy in the bible (Jacob's favorite son) because of all the things Will invented, he loved Joseph best.

Conversion chart:

The stairs hold twenty students carrying 12kg or just over twenty-six pounds of books a piece.
The boy held 1400cc of fuel or about three pints.
The stone oozes 93cc or about three ounces a day.
Joseph weighs 44kg or 97 pounds without his heart.

And thankstwo_if_by_seafor beta-ing.
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